The Untold Immigration Podcast


Episode 10

Published on:

26th Feb, 2021

Episode 9

Published on:

11th Dec, 2020

Episode 7

Published on:

3rd Oct, 2020

Episode 6

Published on:

10th Sep, 2020

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About the Podcast

Untold Immigration
The stories and perspectives you won't hear from the media
Do you feel like you are not getting the whole story from the media? Do you feel as if the media is trying to force their opinion on you? Do you want to dig deeper into one of the most debated issues in the United States today? If so, Untold Immigration is the podcast for you.

Each episode, Don Rosenberg, and I, Brian Taylor, will deep dive into the immigration issue. Our goal is to bring you a perspective that is lacking in the media today. We will deep dive into the law, and explain things in everyday language. We will speak with victims of crime that go ignored by the media. We will speak to experts in the field of immigration. No matter what your personal opinions are, we encourage you to listen. We promise we will provide you information that won't hear anywhere else.